Monday, July 27, 2009

Mystery Mania

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You're a mad scientist's charming robot creation, outsmarting man-eating plants and building ingenious contraptions as you explore bizarre rooms full of unsolved riddles. Guzzle strange potions, diffuse laser beams and battle angry creatures on your quest to discover why you were created. Who is the mysterious boy you keep running into? Can you escape the mansion in one piece? Discover your fate with Mystery Mania!

Game Features:
Features may vary by handset.
Solve an engaging mystery in this original puzzle-adventure with style and charm.
Find pieces to the story in rooms that help unfold the mystery
Explore a mansion filled to the brim with devious puzzles, perilous traps, and mysterious secrets.
Featuring vector graphic technology for a wide range of character animations and physics.
Beautifully rendered environments in black & white interspersed with vibrant color.
A wide range of cartoon-style SFX to accentuate every success and blunder.
Easy to use "smart" cursor that snaps to interactive objects."

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