Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Miami Nights 2 : The City is yours

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Build a prestigious career and enter the envied circle of Miami’s most powerful. Your newfound celebrity status will make you encounter characters so crazy and unexpected they will seem drawn from a movie script. All non-playable characters have a human-like memory so don’t offend them or they might come and beat you up later in the game. Use your notoriety to flirt, kiss, seduce and more… But don’t forget to manage your
relationships, especially with your ex(es), otherwise they will come and stalk you at your door

Live the Miami nightlife as a celebrity, detective or other career. Visit clubs to flirt or South Beach for parties – it's a sim game with no limits.

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  1. I tried to download, but it says that the link is invalid. Can you please fix it? Thank's :)