Saturday, May 9, 2009

Time Screen Screensaver

Are you missing a traditional clock screensaver on your Nokia 5800? Unfortunaltely, Nokia has abolished the screensaver option altogether (because, on the new touchscreen, you cannot see anything once the light has switched off completely). Now TimeScreen offers a replacement for the missing screensaver: A screensaver-like sleep mode (with minimum backlight), which you can activate in those situations where you wish to have the current time ready at one glance - without having to handle the phone.
When started, TimeScreen dims the display backlight to the lowest value and displays the current time in a large digital font. (We recommend placing the TimeScreen icon as a shortcut on the Home Screen.) Simply tap on the screen to deactivate sleep mode. Like a regular screensaver, the sleep mode also deactivates when you receive a message or a call.

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