Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kolor Lines

'Kolor Lines'Kolor Lines is the first playable game for S60 5th edition that runs under the Qt for S60 "Garden" release that I found (so far) and is just one of many examples demonstrating the benefit of one common application framework: Qt. Smart, creative code can more easily conquer new platforms.

According to the Kolor Lines author, it was not too hard to put a few #ifdefs into the KDE version of the code in order to have a pure Qt version running on his Nokia 5800 XM.

Kolor Lines is a Qt version of popular classic DOS game "Color Lines" created by Olga Demina, where you have to put 5 or more balls in a row to make them disappear.

In each turn the 3 new balls with random colors are randomly placed in the game board, and you have the chance to make one move by pointing source and destination cells on the board.

You target is to put at least 5 balls of same colors in one line (horisontal, vertical or diagonal) , if the move causes some balls to disappear then you can make a move again, otherwise, the turn ends and the program will place 3 more balls in the board starting the next round.

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