Monday, September 7, 2009

Snake Revolution

Remember nokia’s snake?
Forget it! prepare for ‘SNAKE-REVOLUTION’
Gecko-lab and gamelion studios presents new game developed for DIGITAL CHOCOLATE

The times when snake only ate and got longer passed away. Now he must make a long journey across 4 different worlds.
Complete many missions & rescue his beloved miss princess kidnapped by the evil snake.
Fight enemies, destroy obstacles, collect bonuses & power-ups find hidden keys & much more in this amazing casual game. & ‘when u feel tired just choose option snake classic’ in
Main menu and relax
‘SNAKE-REVOLUTION’ is the completely redisgned and improved gamd based on the classic nokia’s game called ‘’snake”
Developed in cooperation with gamelion studios offers highest playability, fantastic graphics and surprising scenario
”SNAKE-REVELOUTION” offers long but diverse gameplay full of surprising ideas for casual as well as hardcore players.

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